are you an overachiever?

Not everyone is or frankly has to be... but our agency is a home for those who are driven by pace.  We like getting things not only done, but with positive outcomes.  If you LOVE solving problems and having fun along the way... keep reading below.

Overachiever  [oh-ver-uh-cheev-er]
Noun: to perform better or achieve more than expected.

about us

Here's a brief overview of our team and philosophy:

who we are

We are one of the fastest growing agencies because we have great people and we work at a pace that others can’t imagine.  We defy the typical growth of an agency as we don’t do RFPs and we don’t do proposals just to wait for a verdict.  Instead, we have a clear method to engage with new clients and grow that relationship.

Enjoy our casual attire as we prove hard work doesn’t require dress clothes.  We’re powered by coffee (some by Diet Coke) and a large amount of training and the latest marketing tools.  

our team

The real team members with real pictures from our actual social accounts.

Todd Earwood

Rachel Crabtree

Client Service
Adam Peebles

Director of Sales
Rita Harris

Social & Content
Phil Segal

Paid Media
Chris Bryant

Interactive Editor
Tyler Lutz

Software Engineer

Deal Dog

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Still want to know more?  Here's a few insights.

Do you operate like a traditional agency?

In most ways… the answer is no.  Every agency claims to be different, but the proof is in how we deliver campaigns that drive results.  Our core team does not come from an agency background so while we’ve adopted some of the best practices, we really only resemble one in name.

Why don't you Just build Web sites?

We realize many agencies focus on this and it's a common thing many businesses claim they need.  We do create web sites as part of a bigger strategy, but only when it's appropriate.  Our growth blueprint may or may not determine a web site is what the client needs to grow.

what One Skill would you want above all?

A motivated self-starter, who’s not afraid to take on a challenge and adapt to an ever-changing environment.  We are serious about pace and initiative carries a ton of weight.

Will my Ideas be heard and implemented?

Creativity and dedication are rewarded. Have your voice heard and become a part of a team that listens to your suggestions.  We are committed to not pursuing a path that isn't generating outcomes.

Is Culture a big deal for MoneyPath?

Company culture is important to us, so we make sure to take time to brainstorm together, laugh frequently and enjoy getting results for our clients.  As a team, we test out some amazing local restaurants and work together as a group.

What's with the deal dog?

Our CEO's dog, Bailey is a fantastic, sweet golden-doodle with a very special skill... the days she is in our office we close more deals.  It's uncanny how often this happens and while some may doubt her superpower... the stats show she is a deal dog.