How We Help Marketing & Sales

Great sales and marketing requires customer segmentation, strong campaigns to accelerate the funnel.  Read below to learn more how we help clients clear the path to purchase.

Lead Capture

How We Help

Capture More Leads on Your Website

Segment your website visitors according to what makes the most sense for your business. Whether it is the pain you solve for them or their own demographic, deliver them down a path of web content that is most relevant to them. Ultimately capture them as a lead for your sales team to call or your marketing team to begin to nurture.

Lead Magnets

How We Help

Entice More Leads

Design a custom lead magnet or edit and format your existing e-book to deliver content that your prospects will want to download. This includes book cover design and naming options to match your customer’s keyword interests. We will write copy your prospects want to read that drive qualified contacts into your funnel.

Lead Nurture

How We Help

Develop Sales Ready Leads

Capturing leads isn’t always enough. Sometimes your prospects need a little more convincing before they’re ready to meet your sales team. Create a lead nurture program that will send relevant content to your leads on a carefully planned schedule to move their interest from cold to hot.

Lead Activation & Segmentation

How We Help

Reach Better Prospects

Segmenting your top-of-funnel leads is the quickest and most effective way to improve conversions and turn leads into clients. Stop sending broad marketing messages to your email list. Start communicating with them about topics they actually care about. Through segmentation we identify what interests specific leads, then put related, curated content in front of them.