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Tracking Your Marketing Targets

Your marketing list can be the lifeblood of growing your business. But, this isn't the same thing as your sales CRM.  Start thinking about your marketing database differently than your sales CRM. Then, begin to manage your marketing list by tracking list growth, engagement and behavior.

eBook + Video:  Metrics to track about your marketing list and outbound email performance.
Your Marketing List

Filling the Marketing Funnel

Filling the marketing funnel is best when you combine multiple strategies.  Track your inbound traffic and engagement to find out how many leads you are capturing and your marketing ROI.

eBook + Video:  Metrics to track web and social traffic along with advertising efforts and finally captured lead stats you should watch.
Filling the Marketing Funnel

Qualifying Leads for Sales

To help drive leads into your marketing and sales funnel, offer your audience content in exchange for their contact information so they opt-in to your marketing list. Once you capture and qualify them, do you know how many become sales accepted and ultimately turn into customers? 

eBook + Video:  Metrics for tracking content performance and measuring lead quality and marketing effectiveness.
Qualifying Leads for Sales

Are you trying to grow your SaaS Funnel?

Growing or scaling your business can be challenging when you're pulled in a million different directions.

But, it's a job that can't be ignored if you're going to truly grow.

Save time by measuring only the SaaS marketing metrics that matter most.

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